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  We’ve created to solve a problem that has seemed almost impossible up until now for indie authors—getting a good-looking, industry-standard book interior from a word processing program.

Lots of authors today have decided to take charge of their own publishing journey, and that’s great. But these authors don’t want to compromise on how good their books look. And they don’t want any of those “newbie” mistakes that make books look bad when compared to those from traditional publishers.

That’s where comes in. With our ready-to-use templates for Microsoft Word, authors for the first time have a reasonably-priced alternative to the high cost of professional book composition.

Who’s responsible for bringing this game-changing innovation to indie publishing?

Joel Friedlander is an award-winning book designer and one of the Internet’s leading experts on self-publishing. Joel runs the popular blog at where he’s helped thousands of authors create books that readers really want to buy. Joel’s articles appear widely in online and print publications. He is also the author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion and a sought-after speaker who inspires authors to get their books into the marketplace. Joel is also the founder of The Self-Publishing Roadmap online video training course for authors who plan to take control of their publishing career.
Tracy R. Atkins is a technical expert with over fifteen years of experience building end-user technology platforms, holds numerous industry certifications, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He excels in simplifying complex technological solutions into easy-to-use tools for the average Joe. Tracy is also a successful self-published author who is intimately familiar with the many issues that independent authors encounter on their road to publication. This powerful combination of technology and self-publishing experience makes Tracy the go-to guy for building great tools that help authors succeed.
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