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Reveal Formatting Marks with Show/Hide

             Microsoft Word is a powerful application with many features and settings that control the layout of your document. On the surface, Word appears to work like
magic, splitting pages, formatting paragraphs and shifting rows of text automatically. However, Word has an underlying system of formatting marks that are normally invisible to the user that you can expose and use to assist in getting the right layout.

The Show/Hide button allows you to view the hidden formatting marks embedded inside every document or template. These special marks are used by Word to control the way the text, paragraphs and pages flow. Once the format markup is visible, the document’s layout scheme becomes easy to modify as desired. Found on the Home tab, Paragraph section of the Microsoft Word toolbar, the Show/Hide button can be switched between on and off at any time to make adjustments to the document.

Layout Starts with “Show/Hide”

When Show/Hide is
off, no markup is visible.

Press the Show/Hide button
to see the mark-up.

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Rounded Rectangle: Tip: We strongly advise using “Show/Hide” to reveal formatting marks during the entire process of formatting your book using 

the template.
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