Frequently Asked Questions

Template Questions


Q: What word processing programs are compatible with the WORD templates?

A: Word templates are fully compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and newer on PC, Mac, and Office 365. Word allows direct export of PDF from within the application. Word files can be directly uploaded to Amazon KDP for eBook Conversion. ePub eBooks may be created with a 3rd Party application like Calibre for free.

Q: What versions of Adobe InDesign are the INDESIGN templates compatible with?

A: Our Adobe InDesign Templates are compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 or newer. InDesign allows direct export of PDF and ePub books from within the application.

Q: What versions of Apple Pages are the PAGES templates compatible with?

A: Apple Pages Templates are fully compatible Apple Pages 5.0 or greater. Pages allows direct export of PDF and ePub books from within the application. (Apple Pages Templates do not currently support the addition of Drop-Cap letters and Pages templates omit Drop Caps in their design.)

Q: How do the templates work to produce an eBook?

A: Because of our awesome 2Way technology, designer fonts used in print editions will be substituted for eBook compatible fonts automatically upon conversion to popular eBook formats where required. This ensures maximum compatibility for your eBook on the widest range of eReader devices. We take the worry out of making eBooks that look great and validate perfectly.

Q: Does the template do everything automatically?

A: No, you’ll still have to do some work by placing your text into the template, using the built-in styles to format the text in your book and changing things like your copyright statement information that are specific to your book. Nevertheless, it sure makes your job a whole lot easier.

Q: Are the templates compatible with Print-on-Demand (POD) vendors like CreateSpace, Ingram Spark, Lulu, and Lightning Source? What about the eBook conversions from the templates, are the compatible with Kindle (KDP), iPad (iBooks), Nook, Smashwords and others?

A: We have designed these templates with Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing in mind. The industry standard sizes we have developed are paginated and compliant with the major printing houses, right out of the box. Our eBook conversions are designed to work with the widest range of eBook platforms, by utilizing a highly compatible set of formatting features. We do ask that you read and understand the unique requirements for your printer, like ISBN inclusion, copyright attribution requirements, and any other specifics to make sure you have everything in order before submission.

Q: Will my book look just like a book from a professional typesetter?

A: When using Adobe InDesign versions of our templates, yes. These are the same tools used by professional book typesetters to create retail quality books.

For Word and Pages template books, not exactly. Pro typesetters don’t typically use word processors to typeset books, and although your book is going to look great, it won’t have the typographic sophistication of books produced on pro-level software like InDesign. However, it will be pretty close!

Q: What is included in the template package?

A: Each interior template design is a fully formatted Word, Pages and InDesign file with “master” pages for your text, chapter openers, title page, copyright page, and other front matter pages. You will also have access to our online template guides and videos to show you how to use the template. Also included are the fonts needed for the template, ready to install on your system for print version templates.

Q: What do I have to know to use your templates?

A: You need to know how to apply styles in Word, Pages, or InDesign, depending on which template you purchased. You will need to know how to copy/paste text, and how to type. Our included reference materials will make the rest easy.

Q: What else do I need to use these templates?

A: Other than a compatible copy of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Adobe InDesign, no further software is required as a functional PDF engine that will suffice for the majority of publishers is included with each of these applications.
You may wish to purchase Adobe Acrobat to produce higher-quality PDF Files. We highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat to produce the highest quality PDFs, and it is a worthwhile investment.

Q: In what trim-sizes are the templates offered?

A: The templates are offered in a variety of popular trim sizes, as noted on each product page.

Q: Are new templates going to be offered in the future?

A: Yes, we will continue to develop new high-quality template products for the foreseeable future.

Q: How many words-per-page fit on a template?

A: Each template and formatted size will accommodate a different word-per-page count. Typically, the larger trim sizes will accommodate more words per page.

Q: Can I insert pictures or place graphics/images in my template?

A: Yes. Since the templates use MS Word, Apple Pages, and Adobe InDesign, you may embed images in your template file, just like any other Word, Pages, or InDesign file. All offer several formatting features, such as resizing images and several word-wrap options to make including pictures inside the body of the text easy. Images will also save to the PDF file for inclusion in your print books. Note, eBook results may vary, so you will have to make embedded image adjustments based upon the eBook platform you choose.

Our formatting guide provides instructions and details on inserting images.

If you need high-quality images, graphics, photos, or artwork for your book interior or cover, we highly recommend licensing content from Fotolia or Shutterstock.

Q: Can I change the fonts in the template to something else?

A: The precise typographic layout of each template was designed for the specific fonts included in the template package. However, other fonts may be substituted by the author to meet a design need or goal. The templates are not locked to prevent changing them out or making a substitution, but we do not offer support on non-included fonts.

eBook Conversion Questions


Q: Can the templates be utilized for Kindle or other e-book formatting?

A: Yes, our templates can be readily converted to eBook format, or directly uploaded to some eBook vendors for instant conversion.The Adobe InDesign and Apple Pages templates export to ePub directly, which is a handy time saver. Microsoft Word templates will require a 3rd party conversion application, like Calibre (free).

Q: Do the eBooks look just like the print versions?

A: Not exactly. Due to the multitude of eBook platforms and eReader devices on the market, there is little standardization between them. Also, few eBook platforms are capable of rendering the fine typography and layout that can be achieved on paper. Our templates simplify the design and layout so that virtually all eBook platforms are compatible, while retaining the essence of the print version’s design. This makes our eBook-Ready templates the perfect companion to your print edition, no matter what platform you publish to.

Please note, most eBook templates will default to an ebook compatible font to ensure maximum compatibility with a broad range of eReader devices pon conversion.

To preview your eBook in ePub format, we recommend using the free tool Adobe Digital Editions.

Q: What is the best way to create an eBook from my template?

A: We suggest following your platform or eBook publisher’s requirements from converting your book to eBook format.
For Word templates intended for Kindle, we have seen consistent results utilizing the Amazon KDP online conversion program, which is part of the setup process for adding your eBook to Amazon. For other vendors, like Ingram Spark, and Smashwords, we recommend using a quality free program like Calibre to convert the .DOCX version of the file to ePub format.

For Pages and InDesign, we recommend converting to ePub from within the application, and then uploading the ePub file to your vendor.
Detailed instructions and tips for this process are included in our training materials.

Licensing Questions


Q: Can I use the template on all my books?

A: You can if you purchase a Multi-Book license. Our templates are copyrighted and licensed to individual authors, and we offer several licensing options to fit your needs and your budget.

Q: What are the license options for using these templates?

A: The Single-Book License is your choice if you’re an independent author who wants to create a beautiful book without spending a lot of money. This license entitles you to use the template for one of your own books at a very affordable price. The Multi-Book License will allow an indie author to use the same template to format several of his or her own books, or even a whole series, without having to buy a template license for each title. The Commercial License allows a sole proprietor who works as a designer or book shepherd helping other authors get to press. For a single fee, this license allows you to use the template for your own or other people’s books.

Q: Do I have to register my template? What does that mean?

A: We ask each author to complete our short Registration Form so we can keep track of your license. It only takes a moment.

Q: What if I purchased a single-use license and want to utilize the same template for another book?

A: You may purchase an upgrade license for the template to fit your needs on the license page of the website..

Q: What are the license requirements for the fonts included with the templates?

A: Fonts supplied with our templates are Open Source or are licensed as free for commercial use and re-distribution.

Q: If I heavily modify or customized the template I purchased, do I still have to register or license it?

A: Yes. Any work that is developed, derived, formatted, or designed utilizing our template as a foundation is still considered under license for that template product and must be licensed and registered.

Q: Can I use the template for books I’m creating for my clients/friends/wife?

A: The commercial template license is available for an author or sole proprietor’s commercial use. This license allows the license holding author to utilize the template to create and format books for other authors. The commercial license is limited, and does not allow re-distribution or resale of the template to third-parties or clients.

If you want to buy a custom template design that you can use in your business, or for redistribution to clients, please contact us.

Q: Can I share my book file with my editor, proofreader, or writing partner to do their work on my book if it is in the template?

A: Yes. We understand that there are many people involved in the bookmaking process, including editors, proofreaders, and writing partners. You may send copies of your book file that has been formatted in the template to these people so that they may work on your project as needed. They may not copy the template file for use on a different, unlicensed book project, or for their own use.