Installation, Installing Fonts, and Opening the Template in Word

Extract the Template from the ZIP Download File


Locate the compressed (zip) template folder that you just downloaded. Extract the folder to a location of your choice on your computer, such as the desktop.

Note: If you have a Macintosh, you can open the .ZIP file using the finder and work within the file without extracting the files. However, it is advisable to copy the files to a new folder before you begin work.


Install the Included Fonts


Inside the decompressed template folder, locate the “Fonts (INSTALL FIRST)” folder and open it. Install all of the included fonts by opening and installing each one individually.

Alternately, you may drag the font files to your PC’s “C:\Windows\Fonts” folder or to your Macintosh’s “Font-Book”.

Note: For eBook only template packages, you skip this step. eBook templates utilize the “Times New Roman” font to ensure maximum eReader device compatibility.


Open the Word Template


Open the uncompressed folder containing the Word template. Open the template file with Microsoft Word (.DOCX  extension).

(Note: Some templates include  Word 97-2004 .DOC versions of the file for  expanded compatibility with older versions of Word.)


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