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Book Planner Toolkit guides you through the publishing process

The question we get asked most often by new self-publishers is, “What should I do next? It’s all so confusing!”

If that’s you, we have a great solution for you that will guide you through the whole publishing process: The Book Planner Toolkit.

From settling on your author name to getting your ISBNs, from hiring vendors to checking retailer websites, the Toolkit breaks down every part of the publishing process into tasks.

Each of the 53 individual tasks included in the Toolkit is clearly explained. Each task is also accompanied by expert guidance to help demystify the process, and to prevent you from making costly errors that can be hard to correct later.

It’s like having a publishing pro sitting with you, explaining how the whole thing works.

Each task also is placed in a logical order within the publishing process. This makes it as clear as day exactly what you should be doing at any point.

You'll know how much time to budget for each task, where to get the resources and help you'll need, making it easy to see your path through the jungle of detail you’ll be facing as a book publisher.

As you work your way through the tasks needed for your specific book and publishing plans, you’ll be confident that you’re on the right road.

Even better, The Book Planner Toolkit creates a detailed customized action plan for the whole process, allowing you to stay on track during the weeks and months it takes to get your book ready to publish.

It doesn't matter whether you're an author who publishes direct to eBooks, or if you've got a globally distributed print-on-demand paperback, The Book Planner Toolkit will get you organized. It's like having your own personal publishing pro to guide you.

  • Each task includes detailed expert guidance so you know exactly what to do, how long it will take, where to get resources, and how to save time and money doing it. Crafted by self-publishing pros, these comprehensive instructions are written so they are easy to understand and simple to follow.
  • Making your book project quick and easy to manage is a top priority. Hey, book publishing should be fun, not an exercise is creating stress. Your task list and scheduling spreadsheet are up-front so you know exactly what you need to do and how long you have to get it done. We're authors too, so we've made task and time management as simple as possible to get the job done.
  • Manage book production projects for all of your books. Easily plan and schedule every aspect of getting your book ready for sale from the moment you finish writing it right through your book launch. You'll find tasks for everything from pre-production to editing, interior design, cover design, and beyond.
  • Easy to understand language means that everyone from grad students to grandmas can profit from our guidance, making self-publishing easier than ever, for everyone.
  • The Book Planner Toolkit gives you several levels of detail to suit your needs, from basic task descriptions to complete professional advice with extended references and links to the resources you'll need. Dive in as deep as you want.

Included Tools

Plan Your Book Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet puts several pre-populated book plans in your hands to get you up and running quickly. Each plan contains the tasks necessary and estimates the amount of time each task will take so you can create a real-world schedule that will guide you throughout the publishing process. Plans are geared for books with different needs, like editing and marketing, and for those where you have to meet a specific deadline. You’ll also have a handy column with recommended task duration that you can customize to suit your own schedule.

Book Metadata Worksheet

At many points in the publishing process you’ll need easy access to your book’s metadata—information about your book. Make it easier to collect and keep this information handy with our Book Metadata Worksheet (PDF). Print and fill out the worksheet for each book you wish to publish, keeping a copy for your records so you stay organized and have all of your vital information at your fingertips.

Publishing Plans to Get You Started—Fast!

Sometimes you just need to know what to do for a specific part of the book production process. For instance, you might need guidance on getting your cover designed, or you might need help finding and scheduling editors. The Book Planner Toolkit comes with pre-configured plans for these and a number of other scenarios you are likely to run into. Here are some examples of plans you can use right out of the box:

  • Cover Design for Print and eBook: Select the right cover designer for your budget, get mock-ups and concepts, make adjustments, and receive the master artwork.
  • Interior Design and Layout for Print and eBook: Find the right designer, select the design that matches your book, get professional layout and proof.
  • Copyediting and Developmental Editing: All the steps you need to make sure your book is edited properly.
  • Print and eBook Upload and Vendor Setup: Guidance and scheduled tasks for each step for both print and eBook upload and proofing.

Customize it: With The Book Planner Toolkit you're in control because you can also add your own tasks to your to-do list, giving you the ability to customize your plan to match your needs.

Publish Like a Pro!

The Book Planner Toolkit

  • Includes Comprehensive 90 Page Digital Guidebook
  • Includes Pre-configured Book Product Management Spreadsheet
  • Includes Printable Metadata Worksheet
Book Planner Toolkit

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