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Book Design Templates affiliate system, managed by Infusionsoft, is an easy way to refer your clients to our popular templates, and earn a 30% commission for every sale (excluding cover and interior services, and priority support).  Simply Sign Up Now below.

  • Get a 30% Commission on Every Product Sale (Tracked by Affiliate Link)
  • We Make it Easy to Promote, Just Use Your Affiliate Link to Our Sales Page, and Our Images, Videos, And Swipe Copy
  • We Can Host a Webinar for Your Audience to Both Educate and Promote (100 Attendee Minimum)
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Media Kit

  • Media Kit
    Media Kit

    Our complete media kit includes everything you need to get started with promoting Book Design Templates. The kit contains a summary of our operations, owner bios, product reviews, our complete FAQ, contact information, and a basic assortment of product artwork, banner images, and assorted book samples.

Individual Media Files

  • Banners and Leader boards (Only)
    Banners and Leader boards (Only)

    This file includes an assortment of 250x250px and 728x90px banners and leader board advertisements. (Included in Media Kit)

  • Book Samples in PDF Format (Only)
    Book Samples in PDF Format (Only)

    Several book samples that were created using our templates in PDF format. These are great to hand out to show the quality of the work that the templates produce.
    (Included in Media Kit)

  • Product Hero Shots (Only)
    Product Hero Shots (Only)

    An assortment of high resolution product images for use in articles or advertisements.
    (Included in Media Kit)

  • Book Design Templates Logos (Only)
    Book Design Templates Logos (Only)

    Our Logo in several color choices. (Included in Media Kit)

  • Logo Header Images (Only)
    Logo Header Images (Only)

    An assortment of large, 1200px wide header images with the Book Design Templates logo included. These are great for headlining articles, reviews, or as a slide for a presentation. (Included in Media Kit)