Book Design Templates - License, Registration, & Upgrades

Licensing, Registration, & License Upgrades

  Because we’re also indie authors, we know it’s important to control your costs. It’s just good business. That’s why we’ve put together these three options to choose from, based on how you’re going to use your templates. Here are your options:  
    Choose the Single-Book License if you’re an independent author who wants to create a beautiful book without spending a lot of money. This license entitles you to use the template for one of your own books at a very affordable price.

    Choose the Multi-Book License if you’re an indie author who wants to use the same template to format several of your books, or even a whole series, without having to buy a template license for each title. For one affordable licensing fee, you can publish as many of your own books as you like. This is probably the best value if you plan to publish more than one book.

    Choose the Commercial License if you’re a sole proprietor who works as a designer or book shepherd helping other authors get to press. For a single fee, this license will give you the edge you need to build professionally-designed books for your author customers. (Note: The commercial license is limited, and does not allow re-distribution or resale of the template to third-parties or clients. Our Affiliate Program is recommended for template sales.)

    Choose the All-Access-Pass if you have a Small Press or Author Co-Op, and want to have access to all of our Word templates for a low monthly or annual fee. Click here for details.

  No matter which license you choose, you’ll get top-quality design, usable fonts, and all the master pages and preformatted styles that can help make your book layout a success.

Please respect our licenses. If you have a use not listed here, contact us and we’ll be happy to help find a solution.

Things change, and that’s true for authors, too. If you’ve already purchased a license to one of our templates but your needs have changed, you can upgrade your license here. By paying a small upgrade fee you can convert your Single-Book license into a Multi-Book or Commercial license, or convert your Multi-Book license into a Commercial license. You may also upgrade a Print-Only template purchase to an eBook-Ready bundle too.

Simply select the upgrade option that suits you from the dropdown list below and add to your cart.



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