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Now you can quickly and easily create beautiful books right in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Affinity Publisher, or Adobe InDesign. Built to industry-standard specifications, our pre-designed templates will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes. Handcrafted by an award-winning book designer, our exciting technology allows you to format your book for both print and eBooks at the same time, using a program you already own and know how to use, and without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a designer.

Our Most Popular DIY Template Designs!


  • Designed for Bestseller Style Novels and Literary Non-Fiction
  • Available for Word, Pages, and InDesign
  • 2Way Design: Format Print and eBook at the Same Time
  • Compact Design Saves up to 30% on Printing Costs
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  • Designed for Novels and General Non-Fiction
  • Available for Word, Pages and InDesign
  • 2Way Design: Format Print and eBook at the Same Time
  • Our Most Popular Design for the Widest Range of Books
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  • Simplified Design for Non-Fiction, and Literary Non-Fiction
  • Available Only for MS Word
  • 2Way Design: Format Print and eBook at the Same Time
  • Easiest to Use, No Fonts to Install and Minimal Steps to Use.
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  • Designed for Fiction and Literary Non-Fiction
  • Available for Word and InDesign
  • 2Way Design: Format Print and eBook at the Same Time
  • Our Most Advanced Template for Multiple Uses
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Reasons You're Going to Love Our Templates

  • Hand-Crafted Design

    We have our roots in classic book design, and our templates show it. Each design carefully balances typographic beauty with ease of reading to deliver an aesthetically pleasing experience that makes your book truly stand above the tsunami of plain vanilla, look-alike books.

  • Easy to Use

    Instead of trying to decide what your books should look like, we’ve made all the decisions for you. Just follow our friendly instructional guide, pour in your text and your book will be ready to go. All your styles and formatting needs are coded into our templates for easy use.

  • Solid Construction

    Each template comes complete with five kinds of interior pages, section breaks pre-installed, running heads, and page numbers, and everything exactly the way it should be, all put together by an award-winning book designer so there’s no guessing involved.

  • Fully Customizable

  • Detailed Instructions

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Our Premium Designs Get A Lot of Buzz

Our Premium Designs for Print and eBook offer incredible typography, sophisticated design elements, and a full set of features that will please authors of every niche and genre. Better yet, our templates easily convert to eBook too, so your high-end print book, and eBook both look professional and well-polished, with minimal effort.

Interior Templates for Non-Fiction and Reference


  • Achieve offers a feature-rich design with stylized formatting for a variety of books.
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  • Britannia gives your non-fiction work a classic and timeless look and feel.
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  • Focus boldly gets to the point you want to make quickly, with striking chapter openings.
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  • Leadership creates books that exude confidence, featuring strong typography.
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  • Elite, our most advanced template yet, features professional typography.
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  • Large Print for Non-Fiction, and Literary Non-Fiction using Elite technology.
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  • Exceptional, our fun, happy, and elegant template. This is a great design for fiction.
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  • Introducing Atlanta – Our Sophisticated and Stylish Template for Literary Excellence
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Super-Simplified Word Templates with for
Fiction, and Literary Non-Fiction


  • Expressive is a simplified, emotional, and exciting template for MS Word.
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  • Minimalist is a clean and concise template for MS Word that is easy to use.
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  • Stalwart is a bold and modern design, simplified for easy and reliable use.
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  • Brisk is an ultra modern and quick template for rapidly publishing your best work.
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Interior Templates with Broad Appeal for Fiction,
and Literary Non-Fiction


  • Balance creates a clean, uncluttered look for your contemporary novel.
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  • Bomber will give your thriller, paranormal, sci-fi or fantasy novel impact without shouting.
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  • Crimson brings a classic elegance to your book, a style that every reader will love.
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  • Electric's airy and open design creates a free flowing space for your words.
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  • Historian is designed for your historical fiction in any era, with a dramatic chapter opening.
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  • Bard sets the stage for your fantasy novel with evocative ornaments and typography.
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  • Pulp is a purpose built design for creating professional looking literary novels.
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  • Spark is a revolutionary design for creating dapper and sophisticated books.
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  • Inspire creates a beautiful environment for your aspirational work.
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  • Noir perfectly serves thriller, mystery, and suspense readers with a pared-down design.
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  • Fling aims to please romance readers with graceful ornaments and clean design.
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  • Quantum bring excitement and a feeling of impending action to your science fiction books.
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  • Flourish establishes an ideal environment for your work with distinctive typography.
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  • Legend evokes feelings that you stir in your readers with its elegant script display font.
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  • Lightning is a contemporary design with sans serif typography and modern style.
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  • Premise imparts a balanced and rational tone to your most dramatic stories.
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Interior Templates for Picture Books, Cookbooks and Poetry


  • Iconic is a modern design created to showcase your photos and illustrations.
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  • Spectacle is a classic and easy to read layout for photo books and travel books.
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  • Poetics conveys your poetry to readers with a sense of style and aesthetic flexibility.
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  • Gourmet brings your recipes to life, with powerful design for your cookbook.
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Interior Templates for Children's and YA Books


  • Affection brings fun and a bit of irreverence to pre-teen fiction with some sparkle.
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  • Delightful creates chapter books with a lively style that's easy for new readers.
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  • Quest brings you lots of detail appropriate to make stand-out pre-teen fiction.
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  • Thrilling is a chapter book with strong style and bold, easy to read typography.
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Story Fable

  • Story Fable is great news for picture book authors with five different page layout styles.
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Author Series

The Author Series pays homage to some of the finest authors of the last hundred years, bringing the designs for their books into the present. Each template design draws on the works of a famous author, and provides a container for your own works. While we've kept these designs faithful to the spirit of each author's work, we've also brought them up to date to enable today's authors to create truly classic print and ebooks.


  • Asimov bring the style and substance of the legendary master to your publications.
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  • Borges’s simple layout echoes the novelist’s own genre-bending fiction.
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  • The Ellison template has a light and airy feel, and an illustrated title page and floral ornament.
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  • Faulkner’s strong, architectural title page provides great solidity for your work.
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  • The Hemingway template is a classic container for your works of fiction and literary nonfiction.
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  • Morrison captures the flow of Nobel prize winning novelist Toni Morrison’s works.
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  • Nin's symmetrical title page and minimal chapter openings keep your readers riveted.
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  • Woolf embodies some of the aesthetic and strength of classic English literature.
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Designs Inspired by the Works of Timeless Authors

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Our premade cover designs let you quickly choose a professionally-designed cover at an exceptional price. And customization is easy because we place your book title and author name right on the cover for you. It's the perfect mix of "done for you" and "pre-designed" at a smart price.

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Robin Cutler

Joel Friedlander’s template tools are easy to use, beautiful and so affordable. Content creators drop their Word files into one of the templates, follow the easy-to-use guide and then export out both print (PDFs) and eBook (Epub) formats. Users can take those files, upload them into IngramSpark and they work like magic.

Robin Cutler, Manager, IngramSpark
Roger C. Parker

Joel Friedlander’s Book Design Templates take the mystery out of formatting attractive, easy-to-read print-on-demand books. No detail has been overlooked  from fonts and design options to detailed instructions ̶ in offering a complete solution.

Roger C. Parker,
Michele Gibson

Genius! These templates are pure genius! In less than one hour, I had a great looking title page, customized copyright page, author back page, and three chapters of a novel LOOKING GREAT!  There is so much built into your template, why would anybody want anything different?  These templates are wonderful!

Michele Gibson,

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