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You’ve spent many hours creating your book, now you need an amazing cover for it. After all, your book cover is the primary way you communicate with readers what makes your book stand out.

Our premade cover designs let you quickly choose a professionally-designed cover at an exceptional price. And customization is easy because we place your book title and author name right on the cover for you. It's the perfect mix of "done for you" and "pre-designed" at a smart price.

Every cover on our site is available for ebooks and for print books, too. Just order your print and ebook cover by filling out our simple order form, and you’ll receive your customized ebook and print book covers by email. After you have chosen your cover, no one else will be able to buy that particular cover and it will immediately be “retired” and removed from the gallery. It's that simple.

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After we receive your payment, you will select the cover you want, and we will retire it from our gallery. Includes up to 3 revisions.

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