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Now you can quickly and easily create beautiful books right in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. Built to industry-standard specifications, our template styles will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes. Handcrafted by an award-winning book designer.

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Chapter Opening Page

Verso Page

Recto Page

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The Right-Sized License for Every Book and Budget

Because we're also indie authors, we know that every author is unique. Many authors have a single cherished book that they want to see come to life, while others have a whole series of novels that they want to match and look great. Instead of hiring a designer and spending thousands, Book Design Templates offers several license options at affordable prices, so you can save a small fortune.

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Book Design Templates Offers Incredible Choice in Design and Selection, as well as Great Results, Guaranteed.

Our Templates are Incredibly Easy to Use

Nobody knows your book as well as you do, it’s nuances, prose, and how you want your reader to feel when turn each page.  Book Design Templates gives you total control over your own book formatting in an incredibly easy to use way so you can make your book read exactly how want.  We take out all of the guesswork on how to layout a great looking book and give your simple tools to make the whole process a breeze. That’s why tens of thousands of authors, from grad students to grandmas, use our templates to bring their books to life. We make it easy for everyone.

Your Choice of the Template in Word, Pages, or InDesign Included

Every author has a favorite writing application. For many it's Microsoft Word, while others love Apple Pages because of it's simple design. Seasoned professionals often use Adobe InDesign to meet all of their layout needs too. That is why we offer your choice of each template in all three major formats, so you can use the application you love to design and make your book ready for print and eBook format. And, we include step-by-step instructions for all three applications, so you can get the most out of your template purchase as quickly as possible.

Your Choice of the Template Trim Size for Print, Included

Books come in many different shapes and sizes. Most authors choose to go with an industry standard 6"x9" size, while others love to see their books in a more pocket-sized 5"x8" trim. Yet again, European authors prefer A5 sized books for easy printing. No matter what size you need, we have you covered by including a wide range of print trim size template in every purchase. It makes the choice to buy easy.

Format Both Print and eBook at the Same Time

Our Unique 2Way Template Technology combines the best features of  Print and eBook templates together into a single streamlined file that can be used to layout your book for both Print-on-Demand AND eReader devices. They are the quickest and easiest way to format a beautiful book interior for print and eBook in one step.

All Templates are Fully Customizable

Our templates are fully customizable because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We do not lock down any features or design elements so you can substitute fonts, change spacing, or modify the template layout as you need. You may also use the full feature set of Word, Pages, and InDesign so you can include everything from footnotes and end-notes, so brilliant photos and images. There is no other solution that offers the flexibility and professional looking results, using the software you already know.

Our Templates Save You a Lot of Money

Hiring professional book designers can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to design and format your book interior. Why pay thousands when you can format your own book, using one of our affordable templates designed by award-winning book designer Joel Friedlander.

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

Your business is very important to us, and we value your satisfaction. Since we specialize in happy customers, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.  If you have any questions, concerns, or problems please contact us. We will do what we can to make it right, or give your your money back within thirty days.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Publishing can have the ability of making one feel like a genius or raving lunatic all at the same time, atlast when our company stumbled across Book Design Templates, it made a world of difference. Book Design Templates is not only affordable for our small publishing company, but they are also quick and efficient. Not to mention, the cutting edge designs available are stellar. Thanks for being just what my small business needed and for that we look a little more genius these days!"

Katrina Gurl,

Publishing is a monster. Make the right choices. It’s not easy. Book Design Templates is not afraid to meet this challenge. If you want to be taken care of and still feel like your ultimate vision matters, this is the best group to work with. They know how to nurture a dialogue with their customers to feel like the best choice is the one you actually chose."

Raven Moore,

Template Compatibility and Specifications

  • Microsoft Word

    Word templates are fully compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and newer on PC, Mac, and Office 365.  Word allows direct export of PDF from within the application. Word files can be directly uploaded to Amazon KDP for eBook Conversion. ePub eBooks may be created with a 3rd Party application like Calibre for free.

  • Apple Pages

    Apple Pages Templates are fully compatible Apple Pages 5.0 or greater. Pages allows direct export of PDF and ePub books from within the application.

    Apple Pages Templates do not currently support the addition of Drop-Cap letters and Pages templates omit Drop Caps in their design.

  • Adobe InDesign

    Our Adobe InDesign Templates are compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 or newer. InDesign allows direct export of PDF and ePub books from within the application.

  • All Templates

    Because of our awesome 2Way technology, designer fonts used in print editions will be substituted for eBook compatible fonts automatically upon conversion to popular eBook formats where required. This ensures maximum compatibility for your eBook on the widest range of eReader devices. We take the worry out of making eBooks that look great and validate perfectly.

Template designs may vary from the samples on this page and sample PDF due to trim size differences, conversion differences and format differences. Most samples were generated using the 6x9 trim size, using MS Word 2016, Adobe PDF, or ePub format.

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